Bedroom Ideas: 7 Modern & Vintage Inspired Metal Bed Frames

There’s more to owning a metal bed frame than a standard dorm-style square box to hold up your mattress. Aluminum, brass or iron, metallic tones are one of the most flexible colours available and can match almost any type of decor. Metal frames doesn’t have to be boring, cheap alternatives to hardwood – bed frames with more intricate and elaborate designs can enhance the most minimal bedroom design scheme! Get inspired and know more about choosing a metal bed frame with these modern and classic designs:

1. Vintage Fantasy

For antique lovers, this one looks straight out of a fairytale. It’s more Grimm Brothers than Disney, but who wouldn’t like the imagination that this frame brings to a room.

Canopy beds don’t have to all come in 4 straight posters. Designs like this can only inspire adventure and romance!

2. Classic Cottage

This traditional cottage bed can be covered with different types of finishing and colours. The simplicity of this classic design is perfect for contemporary bedrooms.

3. Romantic Twist

Pair this romantic form with light bed sheets, ornate pillows and a chandelier above – this frame just makes everything look more luxurious and extra expensive.

4. Modern Romantic

Sleeker lines are added into the classic curves of the traditionally romantic bedframe – go shabby-chic with it by mixing-and-matching different fabrics and textures in the rest of your bedroom decor.

5. Modern Victorian

Victorian beds have very distinguished headboard and foot end. This modern uptake on the traditional design fits into any modern home and does not have a hint of old at all.

6. Abstract Headboards

Another great property of metal is that it is extremely flexible to be shaped into any design and it breathes life into an otherwise ‘cold’ and steely material.

7. Pure Contemporary & Modern

Welcome to the 21st century! From minimalistic designs to free-flow art, metal frames have certainly become the artistic choice to create out of the box designs that can be personalised according to your bedroom stylings.



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